The primary goal of the JEF Community Computer Center (JCCC) is to increase the quantity and quality of underrepresented minorities successfully entering Science and Engineering (S&E) baccalaureate degree programs.  JEF has a long history (established in 1982) of working with minority youngsters and developing skills in students who have not done well in the traditional educational system.  Much has been written about the minority S&E pipeline and it is clear to most observers that more has to be done earlier to keep students in the pipeline.  Not only does more have to be done earlier, but more has to be done through non-traditional channels.  Minority students are just not responding to traditional educational sequences in large enough  numbers.  JEF provides one such channel.  As an all volunteer grass-roots organization JEF has helped more than 400 students to complete their high school education and in many cases to pursue undergraduate degrees.

We see our primary role at JEF as one of identifying and preparing minority students for placement into the Science & Engineering pipeline prior to undergraduate school. In this respect JEF's goals support the goals of several specific National Science Foundation (NSF) programs -- namely, Young Scholars, Research Careers for Minority Scholars, Research Experiences for Undergraduates, and Alliances for Minority Participation.